Know the flow before you go.

What is FlowMap?

The quickest and easiest place for current information on where you want to fish. Nearly everyone knows how to get the flow of a favorite stream from their local fly shop. But what if you live in Colorado and are planning a trip to fish the the Henry's Fork in Idaho? FlowMap gives that information for 400+ streams and 100+ Fly Shops with just 2 taps. Start FlowMap (1st tap), and then pick the the stream you want (2nd tap). Quick, direct access to river flow gauges around the country, regardless of source.

FlowMap runs on both iPhone and iPad. There is a free 1 week trial period and then it is just $4/yr.

What's new

We started in Colorado, but are expanding in 4 more states. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah are rapidly coming on line. With your input, we will be adding many more streams and Fly Shops in the future.

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Overall View

See the entire map and the entire selection of flow gauges. Gauges are color coded by river drainage to help understand where the water comes from (or goes).

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Pick a river gauge

Tap on any pin to bring up the current flow and water temperature if it's available.

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See a Satellite view

See the satellite view for your favorite stream by tapping the "Sat" button. This is great for scouting out places to park, access to the river and detail that a map won't give you.

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See the flow history

Drill down into the flow history. Just tap on the name of the gauge and this will take you to the data providers website. Most websites will let you pick 3, 10 or 30 days history. Previous bumps in the flow may indicate local rain that temporarily increase the flow and cloudiness.

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Search for Rivers or Flyshops

Just tap the magnifying glass to bring up the search box. This covers all the gauges by name and also the flyshops in our database.

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Find your (new) favorite Fly shop

Tapping on a Fly Shop pin will allow you to either call the shop or look at their website.

If you are exploring new water, you will be able to find nearby shops that may have current local knowledge of fishing conditions and the best flies to use.

Frequently Asked Questions for FlowMap.

  • I can't find my favorite stream, how can I get it added?

  • We haven't been to all the streams, yet. We are eager to add your stream if there is a gauge that monitors the flow. Just send us a quick Email and we will quickly add it. If you snap a picture of the stream and send it, it will help to clear up any confusion. There are lots of Snake rivers and South Forks.

  • What does hyperlocal weather mean?

  • Weather for each pin is localized to a small (~5 mile radius) area around the gauge or Fly shop.

    Download the app now.

    We have 400+ gauges now and are adding more daily. There is a 1 week free trial period and then it is just $4/yr.